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Is Your Alternator Done For?

Porsche has expanded its lineup, but the one vehicle that people most relate to is the 911. Today, despite the vehicle’s humble beginnings, the 911 is one of the most recognizable vehicles in the world. When people think of a Porsche they think of pure performance. Some Porsche enthusiasts regard the 911 as the only real Porsche. The 911 is currently available as a coupe with a retractable roof, and a convertible. Both feature a powerful 350 3.8-liter, 400 hp engine. Owners can choose from a manual seven-speed or a dual clutch seven-speed automated manual transmission. Porsche 911 performance levels are the result of a lot of things that work effectively. Its alternator is one of them.

What an Alternator Does

An alternator generates electrical power and is also a component of the vehicle’s charging system. The alternator charges whenever the engine is running. It also charges the battery. It is the source of power for the vehicle’s electrical systems. Alternator components include a stationary part, and a rotating part.

Signs of a Faulty Alternator

1. You have to jump start your vehicle on a regular basis is one such sign. The battery provides power to crank the engine over. The battery cannot crank the engine over if it receives no charges from the alternator. The vehicle’s other electrical needs will also remain unmet if the alternator fails. Take your vehicle to your mechanic and have him check the alternator. They can easily replace the alternator with a new one.

2. Dimming or flickering lights is another sign that your alternator is about to fail. While driving, the lights draw power from the alternator. The fact they are flickering is a sure sign there are alternator problems. Of course, it could be electrical wiring, but that it is generally not the reason why they flicker. Once the alternator is repaired, the flickering will stop.

3. A battery light that illuminates means it is not receiving a charge. As mentioned, the alternator can be the cause. Batteries can also go dead from age, or fail to charge if there is an acid build up on the terminals. You can easily check by opening the hood and looking to see if there is any type of buildup on the terminals. Put on a pair of latex gloves and mix a little soda in water. Then let it drip over the terminals pods. Refasten the cables and the vehicle may start up right away. Your battery cables may also have acid corrosion that is hidden from view.

What Are the Components of an Alternator?

-Alternator Rotor - The alternator rotor consists of an iron core with wire wrapped around it. Electrical current moving through the wire creates a magnetic field around the core. This field produces a current that only flows in one direction. This is known as D/C power.

-Stator - The other set of coils surrounding the rotor is called the stator. The stator is stationary. As a magnetic field travels through the stator’s windings, a current is produced.

-Output Diodes - Voltage is useless in the system unless it can be converted into a direct current.

-Diode Trio – Consists of three diodes which provide current to the alternator regulator.

-Voltage Regulator – The voltage regulator controls the amount of current that passes through the rotor.

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