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Volvo is a luxury vehicle brand that has a history dating back to 1927. Since the beginning, the cars have been marketed as being solidly built and reliable. According to their site, they started making cars because they believed “nobody else was making them strong or safe enough for Swedish roads.” The first Volvo car came out of the factory on April 14, 1927. By 1932, the company hit the milestone of producing 10,000 Volvos. The dealerships eventually asked the company to develop a more inexpensive car, which turned into the PV 51 model introduced in 1936. By 1944, one of the most significant cars, the PV444 was introduced. This and the PV544 were the most popular in the mid 1960’s and helped to bring the brand to the US market. The 140-series introduced in 1966 made a lot of progress when it came to safety on the road - featuring energy-absorbing crumple zones and a collapsible steering column. It helped build the brand as a safety leader. In 1999, the brand was sold to Ford Motor Company and became a part of the Premier Automotive Group. 

When you’re looking for replacement parts or upgrades for your Volvo model, it’s important to get components that are made with the same quality as the originals. Only OEM Volvo parts are going to be manufactured according to factory guidelines and quality tested. You can find a great selection of OEM Volvo parts and accessories right here on our webstore!

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